Malá Fatra is gearing up for monitoring of predators

Participants from abroad not expected to arrive due to the pandemic.

Measuring the wolf's tracesMeasuring the wolf's traces (Source: Jana Liptáková)

The monitoring of predators will take place in Malá Fatra National Park on January 23. The traditional monitoring, in which the public can also help, will take place this year without volunteers from abroad.

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The reason is the pandemic situation. Despite this, more than 70 volunteers showed interest in participating in the first week of the call. If the weather is not good, or if there are further anti-epidemic measures preventing the monitoring, the alternative date is February 6.

“I am very glad that many familiar names appeared this year. These are people who regularly participate in the monitoring of predators,” said Tomáš Flajs from the Malá Fatra National Park adminstration, as quoted by the SITA newswire.

Volunteers from abroad not expected

Flajs is sorry that volunteers from abroad cannot participate this year, despite them participating regularly. Often there are Czechs, a Pole, a Russian, a Frenchman, a Portuguese and student from Mexico participating.

Following the traces of wolves Read more 

The monitoring is carried out with walks, volunteers noticing the traces of predators, such as prints, droppings and prey. When taking a photo, they should put a roller nearby or other object, making it possible to estimate the size of the finding. The photos are sent to environmentalists, who can estimate the kind of animal. The results of the counting are in accordance with the real numbers of the animals.

During the monitoring at the beginning of this year in Malá Fatra National Park, they counted 11 wolves, four bears and three lynxes.

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