Job offers hit six-year low

The number failed to exceed 200,000 last year.

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The number of job offers published on the largest job portal in Slovakia,, only slightly exceeded 190,000.

It is quite a big drop compared with the previous year, when the number of job offers was more than 262,100. The annual fall accounted for 28 percent.

The last time the number was this low was in 2014, when there were only some 160,000 on the website.

More responses to job offers

Job offers dropped the most in the Bratislava Region, where employers published altogether 75,243 job offers, down by some 35,000 compared with the previous year. On the other hand, they dropped the least in the Banská Bystrica Region, which reported a fall by some 2,000 offers, or 15 percent.

The record number of job offers was published on the website in 2017, with nearly 275,000 job ads. At the time, there was a discussion in Slovakia on simplifying the rules for employing workers from non-EU countries. Due to the high supply and low unemployment rate, companies struggled with recruiting a labour force.

On the other hand, the response of job applicants to published job offers has risen significantly. More than 26 people on average replied to one offer in 2020, the most in the past years.

“As a result, employers often increased their demands,” wrote, adding this was reflected, for example, in the requirements for previous experience.

While in 2019, 64 percent of job offers were suitable for people with some previous experience, the share rose to 67.4 percent in 2020.

Most people sought in commerce, production and IT

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The most job ads were published in the fields of trade, production and IT. The top five sectors that sought the highest number of new staff included transport and logistics, as well as administration. Paradoxically, administration belongs to the sectors with the highest annual drop, according to

Other sectors that saw quite a big drop in the number of job offers were leasing, travel, gastronomy and the hotel industry, where it fell by more than 40 percent.

Companies were mostly searching for the production operators, shop assistants and administrative workers in 2020.

The offers dropped the most in the case of positions like hostesses, florists, tourist guides, waiters, fast food employees, make-up artists, decorators and chambermaids.

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