Economic restart after COVID-19 should be green

Slovakia’s plan for usage of money from the EU’s Recovery Fund, innovation potential and examples of green solutions of local companies and the challenge of renovating buildings are among the highlights of the latest Business Focus.

The Velux plant in Partizánske utilises 97 percent of waste from production.The Velux plant in Partizánske utilises 97 percent of waste from production. (Source: Courtesy of Velux Slovensko)

In November 2020, The Slovak Spectator published its Business Focus on the Green Economy. Here is your overview of stories from the focus issue:

Restart of Slovak economy should be green

Economies across the world are feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and Slovakia is no exception. Along with other countries, it is looking for solutions to help companies and to restart the economy, which should be green.

“Economic growth cannot be at the expense of the environment,” said Environment Minister Ján Budaj (OĽaNO), adding that after the novel coronavirus crisis is over, we will ask ourselves what lessons we have learned.

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Local companies carry big innovation potential

Municipalities and regions will become more important in creating innovation potential and employment in the future. To achieve this, they should support local companies and cooperate with them when developing various innovative solutions.

Such cooperation is still missing and not even the recently presented draft plan of reforms to be financed by EU funds contain support in this field, according to Radoslav Mizera, co-founder, vice president and innovation officer for the Finnish-Slovak company Solved.

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Pursuing green thinking

Climate change and the impact humankind has on the environment also affects companies operating in Slovakia. As a result, some companies are either implementing and further developing the initiatives of their parent companies or coming up with their own green solutions. Read about the green initiatives of Velux Slovensko, a member of the international Velux group producing roof windows; Saint Gobain, a producer of construction materials and solutions; car maker Kia Motors Slovakia; the Slovak arm of the global car leasing company LeasePlan, the Slovak arm of the retail chain Lidl, the Slovak company InoBat Auto involved in the development and production of car batteries, as well as the ASIO-SK company producing wastewater treatment plants, but also green car parks.

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Renewing buildings is a way to cope with the climate crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has stressed the importance of well-constructed buildings and the impact they have on our lives. Since the pandemic may have some long-term effects, new demands are being put on buildings and their energy and resource profiles. This leads to a far greater need to renovate them extensively on a massive scale.

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