Slovakia ready to be a partner of the US as Biden is inaugurated

Transatlantic ties highlighted.

(Source: TASR/AP)

Ruling politicians in Slovakia have expressed wishes for strong bilateral cooperation after Joseph Biden was inaugurated as the 46th president of the US.

President Zuzana Čaputová wrote that with Biden as president, the new chapter of transatlantic partnership has begun. Next to the shared democratic values, she also mentioned environmental protection efforts.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry issued a statement to congratulate Biden on his inauguration on behalf of Slovakia.

"Slovakia is planning to actively contribute not just to renewing but also to widening the dialogue between the EU and the US," the ministry wrote.

Foreign Minister Ivan Korčok noted that Slovakia is ready to cooperate with the Biden Administration on rule of law, security, ending the COVID-19 pandemic and a green future.

Prime Minister Igor Matovič, who uses Twitter mainly for foreign policy-related messages in English, wished President Biden strength and perseverance and stressed he was ready to be an engaged partner and ally.

Chair of the Za Ľudí coalition party, Investment Minister Veronika Remišová, wished Biden courage and strength.

"I wish for the United States that the new president brings them peace and unity," Remišová wrote, and expressed hope that the US and the EU will have a stronger alliance now. "The world needs America to be strong, rational and willing to listen to others."

Parliament Speaker Boris Kollár, the leader of the coalition Sme Rodina, wished Biden good judgment and good decisions.

The Slovak Embassy in Washington greeted President Biden on his inauguration day with a wish for good cooperation.

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