Employers can now test their employees

The families of employees can be tested, too.

Testing in VrábleTesting in Vráble (Source: SITA)

A health service situated at the workplace and employers who establish a certified testing point, which has healthcare staff in compliance with valid legislation, can now test their employees and family members.

This stems from an update of a testing manual in companies authored by the Economy Ministry, which the cabinet approved at its January 27 session.

More detailed instructions

The original manual was passed only last week. Its updated version contains more details.

It now specifies that the testing authority can carry out tests in companies, and obliges it to report every positive test result to a respective Regional Public Health Authority (RÚVZ) via the IS COVID app, the TASR newswire reported.

The testing is recommended in companies employing more than 250 employees. Smaller firms can agree on collaboration to achieve the threshold.

The return of unused tests

Companies will receive the rapid tests from a district authority after submitting a request from the testing authority. If the testing authority wants tests for more companies, it submits an application on behalf of each firm.

Unused tests have to be returned to a district authority if the company does not organise another testing round.

The company is still obliged to secure protective equipment and the disposal of used materials and tests. The state will compensate costs for the testing at €3.50 per tested person, TASR wrote.

The manual contains request templates for issuing and returning the rapid tests, the antigen testing contracts and the testing methodology.

Companies wanted more

Companies claim that the costs related to antigen testing may be as high as €10-€12 per a tested person.

Unable to book antigen testing in Bratislava? Everyone will get a chance to get tested, municipality promises Read more 

“Industrial parks invested tens of thousands of euros in testing employees,” said Andrej Lasz from the Association of the Industrial Unions (APZ), as quoted by the SITA newswire. “Obviously, we welcome the government’s proposal to support these companies with material and finance, but we have to say that this help will only partially compensate the costs.”

Sulík wanted higher financial support, but €3.50 per person was the maximum he was able to negotiate. He also stressed that his Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party are supporting mass testing for the last time.

The article was first published on January 21, 2021.

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