New hotspot in Bratislava identified among homeless people

The capacity of the local quarantine town has been doubled.

(Source: TASR)

New coronavirus hotspots have been identified in Bratislava. The virus has started spreading among homeless people, as the repeated testing showed.

While in 2020 the virus did not touch the homeless community, and the local quarantine town, established on Hradská Street, remained empty, its capacity has had to be doubled in the last three days.

It can now take 100 people.

Capacities quickly filling

The city authorities expects the capacity to be filled in the coming days.

“The Depaul Slovakia organisation has opened a quarantine zone in their own centre, but the capacity of 44 beds is quickly filling,” Bratislava Mayor Matúš Vallo wrote on Facebook.

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Currently, there are more than 70 people in a centre on Hradská.

The city expects the number to increase after the current mass testing. However, they will struggle to place the homeless as they lack staff and beds, Vallo added.

The city is searching for volunteers. They need healthcare workers and staff as these people require nonstop care.

Necessary state help

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“We will need the state's help placing newly infected people, for example in some quarantine building used during the first pandemic wave,” Vallo said.

He pointed out that homeless people are a vulnerable group, but they are also a potential risk of spreading infection among other people.

“If the problem of a new hotspot among homeless people escalates, we can handle it only in cooperation with the state,” he added.

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