Better hiking infrastructure for Bratislava locals during pandemic

The tourist board of the capital invested in the revitalisation of popular tourist spots visited by locals.

(Source: Bratislava Tourist Board )

The Bratislava Tourist Board (BTB) has updated several hiking locations including Devínska Kobyla, Rača, Vrakuňa, and Železná studnička. These areas have been improved with new benches, informational boards, and smart garbage disposal bins.

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All of these upgrades are part of a bigger project known as "Tourist in my own city". The point of the project is to renew the infrastructure of spots that are beloved by locals and visited by tourists. The successful project will continue this year as well, according to BTB's press release.

"Due to the pandemic and a smaller number of visitors in the city, BTB decided to change a certain portion of the activities," said Vladimír Grežo of BTB. The project is to benefit all visitors, but particularly the inhabitants of Bratislava during the pandemic, he added.

New and improved vineyards

Together with local organisations and neighbourhoods, BTB picked specific locations and made small changes to the infrastructure.

"This way the people of Bratislava can use these places and other interesting locations of our city," said Grežo.

An observation tower was opened on Devínska Kobyla during the summer. BTB, in cooperation with the Devínska Nová Ves neighborhood, installed a similar structured area with seating, tables, informational boards, and smart garbage disposal bins. The boards inform about the interesting sights and destinations in Slovak, English, and German. Security was also updated with a new camera system. This year the vicinity should gain a new gazebo, more seating, and a bicycle stand. New areas for fires and stone grills should also be built.

Another specific project developed by BTB in cooperation with the Rača neighborhood and the civic association, Račiansky spolok, focuses on vineyards and wine. Visitors will be able to experience wine tastings and other community events on new wooden furniture. The vineyard walking path includes ten new gazebos, informational boards, benches, and stand-by tables made out of wine barrels.

Wifi and monument lighting

The city forests are a favorite of all the locals and visitors of the city. In cooperation with the City forests organisation, BTB is renovating hiking maps. The new format will include an English translation for foreign visitors and other helpful information.

The year 2021 will bring other projects including the broadening of public wifi access known as "Visit Bratislava" to locations such as Devín castle. Projects will also include support for cycling, navigational systems, the revitalization of hiking locations, and lighting for selected monuments.

All BTB projects are developed with financial support from the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic.

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