Worse-off districts in Slovakia should undergo another round of testing

It is necessary to carry a negative COVID-19 test result from January 27 to at least February 2.

(Source: SITA)

From January 27, it will be necessary to carry confirmation of a negative PCR or rapid test result when going to work, to the post office, or to an e-shop counter.

Tuesday, January 26, is the last day of the nationwide testing, which is called screening by the government. The mass testing initiative began on January 18.

Curfew will be prolonged. Negative test result will be required for work or trips to nature (FAQ) Read more 

It is necessary to carry a negative result at least until February 2. A text message or e-mail confirmation from a mobile sampling point should also be accepted.

A person with a negative test result may go to the post office, an e-shop counter, a laundromat, a shoe repair shop and a mobile phone repair shop. A negative test result is also necessary when going to work or into nature (an exception applies to children younger than 15 and pensioners older than 65).

Those who have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 90 days do not have to get the test; however, they should have confirmation that they were diagnosed between November 2 and January 17.

Another round of testing

From February 3, Slovakia will be divided into two halves. In regions where the epidemiological situation is worse, another round of testing will take place. The ministry should announce which regions will have to test again on January 29.

In worse-off regions, people should be tested in four days, as they should have a new test result from February 3 to go out into nature, to work or to the post office.

In better regions, people will not need a certificate after February 3. However, those who travel to a “worse” district for work, for example, will need to present a negative test result.

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