Parents in Slovakia worry about the future of their children due to closed schools

Children have concerns about their future, too.

(Source: TASR)

Schools have been closed since October and many children have been learning online since then. As result, 77 percent of parents of school-aged children are worried about their children's future.

These are the results of the poll conducted by the Focus polling agency for the non-parliamentary party Spolu between January 22 and 25 on 500 parents and 500 children in grades five through nine of primary schools with access to the internet.

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“We asked only those parents in the poll whose children have access to online education,” said chair of the party Juraj Hipš, as quoted by the SITA newswire. “The numbers would be radically worse if we include children and parents who were educated only via worksheets or who have been unlucky and have not been educated at all since October.”

The party also claims that schools should open as soon as the pandemic situation allows it.

Concerns over educational differences

When it comes to gaining new knowledge, 76 percent of parents and 58 percent of children consider distance learning a worse method of education. On the other hand, 6 percent of parents and 12 percent of children consider it a better way of learning.

The poll showed that 44 percent of parents fear that their child will have significant problems, especially in important subjects, such as languages and Mathematics. Parents also fear that their child will have significant problems in all or most subjects (37 percent) or in communication with others (35 percent).

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Most children, 36 percent, fear significant problems in language subjects and Mathematics.

Hipš noted they also asked in the poll what measures should be imposed to address the differences in education between children after schools are open, “because the current situation deepens the differences between them significantly”.

About 64 percent of parents and 39 percent of children agree with obligatory catch-up classes tailored to each child. About 36 percent of parents and 12 percent of children agree with the shortening of summer holidays. 25 percent of parents and 15 percent of children would opt for a nationwide repeat of the school year.

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