The state plans further reduction of bureaucratic burden. 19 documents will be submitted just once

One of the aims is to simplify the lives of parents with newborns.

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The Investments Ministry has introduced two amendments to reduce the bureaucratic burden of people dealing with the state and public offices.

As part of the amendment to the law against bureaucracy, it proposes scrapping 19 types of statements and confirmations, and start the digitisation of processes related to the child birth.

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The second change concerns the law on data, which should result in a more systematic state approach to processing data in public administration’s information systems. It should specify which databases in which the state can gather the data, who can access it and under which conditions this data can be shared.

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Both amendments have been submitted for interdepartmental review.

“It’s time to stop talking about fighting bureaucracy, and take some action,” said Investments Minister Veronika Remišová (Za Ľudí), also responsible for informatisation.

19 documents just once

The amendment to the law against bureaucracy is part of the third anti-bureaucratic package, whose aim is to apply the once-only principle.

After it is adopted. offices will not require the following documents:

  • copy of birth certificate;
  • copy of marriage certificate;
  • copy of death certificate;
  • certificate of residence;
  • confirmation of the assignment of organisation identification number (IČO);
  • confirmation that the operator is not undergoing restructuring or bankruptcy;
  • confirmation of not violating the ban of illegal employment;
  • statement from the central register or farm animals (the register of farms);
  • statement from the register of social services providers;
  • statement from the register of social companies;
  • confirmation from the register of jobseekers;
  • confirmations necessary for material need benefits;
  • confirmations related to severe disability;
  • data related to child birth and death, already stated in selected information systems and registers of the Health Ministry;
  • statement from the register/list of lawyers;
  • statement from the central register of distrainments;
  • confirmations of receiving a special contribution for miners;
  • data necessary for enlistment in the register of recipients of 2-percent tax assignation;
  • selected group of valid court decisions.

People and businesses can save up to €40 million a year on fees, costs on transport, and time spent to obtain these documents.

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The amendment is expected to particularly simplify the life of parents with a newborn child, as they will not be required to go in person to the register office to announce parenthood or the child’s name. They will be able to use a new e-service, Remišová said.

She also plans on simplifying documents and forms when asking for a contribution to a child's birth and parent contribution.

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