Latest poll shows the far right would not make it to parliament

Sulík’s SaS is still ahead of PM Matovič’s OĽaNO, according to the AKO poll.

The ĽSNS party of Marian Kotleba has lost several members.The ĽSNS party of Marian Kotleba has lost several members. (Source: TASR)

If the general election had taken place in early February, the far-right Kotlebovci – People’s Party Our Slovakia (ĽSNS) would not make it to parliament.

Following the recent split and the departure of several well-known faces, the party led by Marian Kotleba, who is awaiting a prison sentence for handing over controversial cheques featuring Nazi symbolism, would be supported by only 3.8 percent of voters.

This stems from a poll carried out by the AKO agency between February 8 and 11 on 1,000 respondents.

In the previous polls, the party oscillated between 5 and 9 percent. In the AKO poll from December 2020, it was supported by 5.4 percent of respondents.

Seven parties in the parliament

The parliamentary election would be won by Hlas of Peter Pellegrini with 25-percent support.

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Second would be Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) of Richard Sulík with 15.1 percent, followed by the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities (OĽaNO) of PM Igor Matovič with 13.8 percent.

Parliamentary seats would also be given to Smer with 8.5 percent, Progressive Slovakia with 7.2 percent, Za Ľudí with 5.4 percent, and Sme Rodina with 5.1 percent.

The Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) would fall short of parliament by a narrow margin, as it would win the support of 4.9 percent of voters.

The fragmentation of the far-right

The poll took place around the time several politicians, including Milan Mazurek and Milan Uhrík, announced their departure from ĽSNS.

As a result, several respondents said that they would vote “for a party of Mazurek/Uhrík”. This answer was later evaluated as part of the “I don’t know” category since such a subject has not been created yet, AKO pointed out.

These results could signal the potential fragmentation of ĽSNS voters.

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