Arbor-vitaes and spruces in the city park will be replaced by new trees

Former Lenin Park in Banská Bystrica, recognized as a national cultural monument, is going through timber felling.

(Source: MsÚ)

The city park on Tajovského Street in Banská Bystrica is recognised as a national cultural monument. It was formerly known as Lenin Park.

The park is undergoing timber felling, while the cut trees are to be replaced by 47 new trees as written in the MY Bystrica weekly, citing Dominika Mojžišová from the Banská Bystrica city hall. ​

"The timber felling should happen during the vegetation rest period, which is March 31 at the latest. This would be enough time before the birds begin building their nests," Mojžišová added.

The process should be performed in a manner that does not damage any other wood species. The plan should be executed by the Gardening and Recreational City Services organization.

The planting of new trees should take place before October 31st. In 2021, 21 sycamore maples, 21 tilias cordatas, four red horse chestnuts and one English oak should be planted.

The second assistant to the mayor, Milan Lichý, informed MY Bystrica that the municipal board requested a dendrological evaluation, according to which a specialized treatment for the wood species in the park will be performed.

According to Lichý, the revitalization plan for the park is currently underway. However, specialists and the general public do not see eye to eye on this plan. There should not be any cutting down of trees in alleyways.

The project includes the planting 64 trees, 1229 wood species, and garden treatment for 152 trees with the aim of prolonging their lives. Older trees will be able to remain in the park and fulfil their function without the threat of harming park visitors.

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