Slovakia should have more than enough syringes for Covid-19 vaccines

Chirana T. Injecta will supply 4 million syringes to Slovakia by March 19.

Production of syringes in Chirana T.Injecta, Stará Turá Production of syringes in Chirana T.Injecta, Stará Turá (Source: Sme - Jozef Jakubčo)

Slovak medical equipment producer Chirana T.Injecta in Stará Turá, western Slovakia, will supply enough syringes and needles for the Slovak vaccination programme. It will deliver 2 million 1ml dead space syringes, 2 million 2ml syringes and 5 million needles by March 19. In the coming months, it will supply components for vaccination as needed, company general manager Teodor Lysák confirmed for the SITA newswire.

“We are ready to meet the needs of the Slovak vaccination programme even with a reserve,” said Lysák, as cited by SITA. “There will be enough components for vaccination in Slovakia.”

The company produces the syringes around the clock.

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It has recently increased its production capacity. While in the past it produced 20 million syringes annually, it plans to produce more than 100 million syringes by the end of this year.

The Slovak manufacturer currently exports its products for vaccination to Denmark, Austria, the Czech Republic and some 20 more countries.

Chirana T. Injecta will produce components for vaccination in Slovakia and store them on their premises. The state will then deal with the logistics according to the needs of individual vaccination centres.

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