We are not entering the wars of Matovič

Independent journalists will continue doing their job.

Igor MatovičIgor Matovič (Source: SITA)

There are limits of good taste and morals. Once a politician crosses that Rubicon, they lose any scruples.

Since Igor Matovič published his Facebook post on the anniversary of the murders of journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová, many have pondered how to react to such a serious loss of judgement that led to an attack against journalists.

We are pondering comparisons to Robert Fico and Viktor Orbán, the two politicians who have attacked critical journalists in the long run, peddling the interpretation that good journalists are the ones who engage in government propaganda. All the others are opposition, mercenaries, or enemies.

Matovič says he wants journalists to unveil corruption, while accusing many across the board of corrupt behaviour, saying they write per somebody's orders.

He blames journalists for the stream of hate that they allegedly showered him with, because he does not understand that criticising the government is not a question of sympathies and hate. The prime minister cannot live with the fact that the media does not just accept his interpretations, does not support his manias, and does not attack the people he points his finger at during his press conferences.

It is clear today: Igor Matovič does not understand that his post to mark the anniversary of the murder was not a contribution to the discussion about the quality of journalism in Slovakia. Although he does not understand and apparently is not going to understand it, independent journalists will continue doing their job.

They are not entering into wars with prime ministers and politicians. Not even when Matovič stages his own little wars.


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