The man who took the 'alien' out of the Foreigners' Police's name appointed its director

Robert Gucký became the main government's plenipotentiary for state borders and director of the Office for the Border and Foreigners' Police.

Róbert GuckýRóbert Gucký (Source: Archive of RG)

Robert Gucký has become the main government's plenipotentiary for state borders.

The post is also linked with the position of the director of the Foreigners' Police, which handles immigration in Slovakia.

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Gucký's predecessor, Ladislav Csémi, was removed in April 2020 and transferred to the UK as police attaché at the embassy. Gucký has served as the acting head of the Office of the Border and Foreigners' Police since then.

One of the first things he did after he took over was to take the word “Alien” out of the Foreigners’ Police name. He described his other, more practical ideas for changes, in an earlier interview with The Slovak Spectator.

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The plenipotentiary post is based on bilateral agreements on the regime and cooperation at state borders, which the Slovak Republic has signed with all neighbouring countries except Austria.

He is responsible for conducting all international agreements and contracts linked to state borders, solving incidents, extraordinary events and all problems regarding state borders.

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