Nobody caused the death of Viola Macáková. According to the police, her heart failed

She was found at the Bratislava port in autumn 2019.

Bratislava PortBratislava Port (Source: Sme)

The cause of death of Viola Macáková, a woman who was found dead in the Bratislava Port area in November 2019, was heart failure resulting from repeated “blunt force trauma".

The Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Bratislava announced the cause of death in a press release, adding that Macáková’s death had not been caused by a second party.

No sexual motive

Any possible sexual motivation for the crime was definitely excluded based on the character of the documented wounds, investigation bodies claim.

The Prosecutor’s office also claimed that there were no imprints on her skin suggesting restraints and her ankles were not broken.

A year after a teacher died in Bratislava port, investigation is closer to the end Read more 

“The police investigator reached this conclusion after a comprehensive evaluation of all the evidence obtained during the preparatory proceedings," said Matej Izakovič, a spokesperson for the Bratislava Prosecutor's Office, as quoted by the SITA newswire.

According to him, several expert investigators from various fields were consulted in the case, 80 witnesses were heard, and several camera recordings from various localities were secured. The police also carried out several searches, house searches and searches of other areas and secured several biological footprints, which were subsequently examined by experts.

“Data on the telecommunications operation of several telephone numbers, including their location, as well as communications via social networks, were also provided," said the spokesperson.


In this context, the Prosecutor's Office states that some of the published information about the case, especially in the initial stages of the investigation, did not contribute to the objective perception of the investigation and could have had an adverse effect on Macáková's family.

Izakovič added that the investigator's resolution to halt the prosecution is not yet valid.

On November 11, 2019, a young English teacher was found in the Bratislava port area suffering from hypothermia and several severe injuries including a broken vertebra. Rescuers began treatment on the spot but she succumbed to her injuries during the journey to hospital. Police first commented on her death on November 19, 2019.

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