New gargling tests will be available soon

The LAMP tests developed by MultiplexDX are quicker and simpler than PCR tests.

Pavol Čekan of MultiplexDXPavol Čekan of MultiplexDX (Source: TASR)

New gargling tests will be available soon in Slovakia.

The Alpha Medical company launched their gargling tests in late January and now MultiplexDX has developed new gargling LAMP tests. The tests have been approved by the State Institute for Drug Control (ŠÚKL) and have also been certified.

“LAMP tests combine the sensitivity close to PCR tests and the simplicity and quickness of sample evaluation close to the antigen tests,” Pavol Čekan, CEO of MultiplexDX, wrote on Facebook, adding that they haven't abandoned the use of PCR tests.

No special conditions required

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One of the advantages of LAMP tests is that they can be evaluated right at the sampling site. The staff only needs to have a device for the isothermal process, which increases the head of the sample. It can then say whether the sample is positive or negative, Čekan explained.

The results will be available in 25-55 minutes. Unlike PCR tests, these tests do not require any special lab equipment and the non-medical staff can read the results. There is no need to have medical staff take samples either, the TASR newswire reported.

The tests could be used, for example, to test people entering the country, either through the airports or border crossings or in places with a high concentration of people.

The gargling tests will be crucial in the next stages of the pandemic, according to Čekan. They can be a good alternative for testing participants in mass events or at bigger companies until the population is vaccinated.

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