People trust Pfizer and Sputnik V the most

The poll was carried out by the Focus agency.

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Most people in Slovakia would choose to be vaccinated by the US-German vaccine. On the other hand, they trust the Chinese vaccine the least.

This stems from a recent poll carried out by the Focus agency for the Na Telo political talk show broadcast by TV Markíza.

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Currently, three vaccines that have been registered with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) are officially being used in Slovakia. The ministry soon wants to launch the use of Sputnik V, although it has not been registered by the EMA yet.

The pollster also inquired about people’s opinions on three other vaccines that have been developed but have not been registered by the European authority yet.

Distrust in AstraZeneca higher

As much as 55 percent of 1,018 respondents trust the Corminaty vaccine developed by Pfizer/BioNTech, while 35 percent of respondents do not trust it. The vaccine is favoured mostly by supporters of the Za Ľudí party, with more than 86 percent of them claiming they trust it.

It is followed by Sputnik V, with 53 percent of people claiming that they trust it. About 34.8 percent of respondents said they do not trust the vaccine. A majority of the supporters of this vaccine are Hlas voters, with 66 percent considering it acceptable.

In the case of Moderna, 46.9 percent of people said they trust it and nearly 41.3 percent do not trust it.

Another vaccine used in Slovakia, by AstraZeneca, has more distrust than trust. While 42 percent of respondents said they trust it, nearly 47 percent were distrustful.

As for the remaining three vaccines, the trust of respondents oscillates around 30 percent, while around 50 percent distrust them.

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