Tourists abandoned Bratislava Region and the capital; tourism organisation is calling for help

Bratislava Region Tourism has addressed both the state and people.

The emptied streets of Bratislava.The emptied streets of Bratislava. (Source: TASR)

Bratislava Region together with the capital experienced the largest drop in the number of tourists of all Slovak destinations.

In the entire region, the number of accommodated guests fell by 68 percent year-on-year, while the city of Bratislava registered a drop of 71 percent y-o-y. The occupancy rate of accommodation facilities in the region decreased by 65 percent, and in the capital by 68 percent.

Their revenues thus fell by more than 70 percent, the TASR newswire reported.

The regional tourism organisation is calling for help.

Address to state and people

“We appreciate the Transport Ministry’s state assistance,” said František Stano, executive director of Bratislava Region Tourism organisation, as quoted by TASR. “But the pandemic situation has worsened significantly since this measure was passed, and the payments can no longer be considered a recovery injection. They only preserve the state of clinical death.”

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The tourism organisation is thus calling for systemic aid from the state and the preparation of other recovery processes. Slovak tourism is not competitive with foreign destinations in tax and payroll tax burden, in VAT and promotion as a destination for tourists. This is why they are calling for both one-off payments and a change in the state’s attitude.

It has addressed the Finance Ministry, the Transport Ministry (responsible for the tourism agenda), and the Economy Ministry.

Bratislava Region Tourism also turned to people in Slovakia, asking them not to avoid Bratislava and the region when planning their holiday. It has pointed to several places they can visit.

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