Pandemic situation gradually improving in Slovakia

The number of vaccinated people in nursing homes is growing, about one third of clients receiving the second shot.

Illustrative stock photoIllustrative stock photo (Source: TASR)

The pandemic situation keeps improving in Slovakia and as a result, more districts will switch from black to the dark red tier on March 29. The number of patients using artificial lung ventilators remains high, said Finance Minister Eduard Heger (OĽaNO), currently at the helm of the Health Ministry as well.

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“We are doing very well,” he told journalists on March 23.

All Slovakia will remain in the black tier next week, but regarding districts there will be 14 districts in the black tier (down from the current 20), while another 58 districts will be in the dark red tier and the remaining seven in the red tier.

Despite the improvement, Heger stressed that it is necessary to observe the restrictions during the Easter holiday to place in early April.

“We cannot say whether we will expand the measures in the upcoming weeks and months,” Heger said.

More vaccinated clients of nursing homes

Currently there are more than 540,000 people vaccinated with the first Covid vaccine shot, and more than 241,000 people vaccinated with the second shot, the ministry said.

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About 51,000 Pfizer vaccines arrive every week, and the ministry expects supplies to increase to 72,000 weekly.

At the same time, some 3,200 people receive the Moderna vaccine every week. The AstraZeneca vaccines, on the other hand, has seen a dropping out in the last two weeks. From the 100,000 vaccines Slovakia was to receive, only 12,000 a week have arrived. The country should receive more than 100,000 AstraZeneca vaccines in the next two weeks.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccines have not arrived to Slovakia. The first supplies are expected in April.

The number of vaccinated people in nursing homes has increased as well, to 60 percent of people with the first shot and 29 percent with the second one.

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