US-Slovak tech company tests its ultra-low energy consumption processor

The processor should help data centres improve their performance and energy consumption.

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The US-Slovak company Tachyum is currently testing a prototype universal processor called Prodigy.

Radoslav Danilák from Tachyum said that the company will be able to complete the design of the processor in the coming months and will then make it available to its first users, the TASR newswire.

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Going by his description of the product, the processor will help data centres by significantly improving their performance and energy consumption along with savings on server room and physical space.

Data centres are responsible for 3 percent of the world’s electrical consumption, with that share doubling every five years.

“If this trend continues, in 20 years this number would increase to 50 percent,” the company told TASR. The new processor has ultra-low energy consumption levels.

Currently, many data centres are weighed down by the use of heterogeneous hardware structures leftover from CPU, GPU and TPU processors which, according to the company, are inefficient.

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“The use of specific hardware for every type of load leads to inadequate use of hardware resources, more strenuous programming and software integration and maintenance, along with other, greater, problems with the maintenance of hardware” the company said, as quoted by TASR.

With the help of standard programming models the Prodigy processor can launch HPD apps, convolutional Artificial Intelligence (AI), general use AI, bio AI, and neural networks, along with the regular load of data centres, on one homogenous processor platform.

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