The most decorative church in Košice

The Church of the Holy Trinity is decorated with detail and offers visitors a place for personal worship and reflection.

Church of the Holy TrinityChurch of the Holy Trinity (Source: Ján Pallo)

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The University Church, or the Church of the Holy Trinity, is one of the most decoratively styled churches in the city. Inspired by the baroque Church of the Gesù in Rome and completed in 1681, it was originally built by the Jesuits before being taken over by the Premonstratesians in 1811.​

Lost in Košice? Impossible with this travel guide. Lost in Košice? Impossible with this travel guide.

They still use the church today. The church owes its name, the University Church, to the first university in Košice which was built next door in the 17th century. ​

Simple from the outside, the walls are built from solid block stones, but this belies a vibrant interior that makes an immediate impression with frescoes by Košice painter Erazmus Schrött. Covering every centimetre of the building’s insides, these frescoes depict scenes linked with the founder of the Premonstratesians.

Both sides of the church include three chapels, each with its own altar and benches. Differing from the city’s other churches, this site offers church-goers a space for personal worship and reflection, and each alcove altar is embellished with its own decorative markers.

Opening hours:

The church is open Mondays through Sundays for religious services only.

Ticket prices:

Admission is voluntary.

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