News digest: Slovakia experiences second Easter in lockdown

For some Easter means just four days holiday, for others it is the biggest religious festival of the year.

A family celebrates Easter in Košice. (Source: TASR)

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Slovakia celebrates Easter

For some, Easter is a reminder of the traditional customs of our ancestors, for others an opportunity to go out into the countryside and for the faithful it is the most important church holiday of the year.

This year Easter, like last year, will be affected by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Although the situation in Slovakia has started improving, Easter will still transpire under lockdown with some adjusted exceptions to the current curfew.

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Shops will be closed most of Easter

People should remember that shops will be closed on Good Friday, April 2, Easter Sunday, April 4, and Easter Monday, April 5. So the only opportunity to shop over the holiday will be on Saturday, April 3.

Picture of the day

The Slovak postal services operator Slovenská Pošta has issued a postage stamp with an Easter motif – a folk fajansa jug decorated with floral ornaments and birds symbolising spring - from the Ľudovít Štúr Museum in Modra.

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In other Easter news

  • Ľubomír Okruhlica, the head of the Centre for Therapy for Drug Dependencies calls on parents and other adults not to serve alcohol to children as this may lead to later dependency. In Slovakia, it is traditional for men to visit the homes of women they know, strike them with willow switches, douse them in cold water, and then expect to be served liquor and cold meats before they traipse off to another encounter.
  • Church goers can experience the atmosphere of Easter from their homes via the ekostol service which is providing a 24-hour stream from more than 160 churches across Slovakia.
  • People can watch the ecumenical Passion Play in Košice online on Good Friday from 13:00 via the ekostol service. This year it will be dedicated, God is with us in Jesus, in solidarity.
  • The Bratislava municipal waste collection company OLO will collect municipal waste according to an adjusted schedule during Easter. It will not collect waste on Monday, April 5.
  • The Slovak Training Academy will not carry out helicopter flights during Easter, either during the day or night, an activity criticised by people living close to the international airport in Košice.
  • Students in Slovakia will enjoy a six-day Easter holiday; they will return to their school books on Wednesday, April 7.

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