Pregnant women are entitled to new benefit

The sum starts at €215,50.

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From April 1, pregnant women can apply for a new type of benefit, the so-called pregnancy benefit.

A woman will be entitled to this benefit after she finishes the 12th week of the pregnancy and if the woman has had sickness insurance (nemocenské) for at least 270 days in the last two years.

The benefit will be calculated at 15 percent of the gross salary of the employee or from the calculation base for a self-employed person, but it will not be lower than 10 percent of the maximal daily calculation base.

Minimum and maximum benefit

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The minimum sum for the pregnancy benefit for both the self-employed and employees will be €215.50 over a 30-day month.

The maximum amount for women who earn a gross salary of €2,184 or more, will be €320 monthly.

After the pregnancy is over, the benefit will stop. Pregnant police officers and soldiers are also entitled to receive it.

Pregnancy scholarship

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Non-working students at universities and students older than 18 at secondary school, who are not entitled to pregnancy benefit, can request a pregnancy scholarship after they finish the 12th week of pregnancy. This is set at €200.

About 750 students per month are entitled.

The benefits can be requested at this link.

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