The prices for public transport in Bratislava will change. An annual ticket will be cheaper

Some types of tickets will be scrapped, others will be more expensive.

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The prices of public transport tickets in Bratislava will change from July 1.

While most of the tickets will increase in price, the year-long ticket will be cheaper. It will cost €199, instead of current €264.2. Other tickets will be more expensive.

At the same time, the 15-minute ticket will be scrapped.

By decreasing the price of the year-long ticket, the city wants to motivate people to use public transport more after the epidemiological situation improves, so that the roads are not filled by cars again, said Bratislava Mayor Matúš Vallo.

It will not bring extra costs to the city, he added.

“We reward people who use the public transport the most,” Vallo said, as quoted by the TASR newswire, adding that 40,000 Bratislava inhabitants buy the year-long ticket.

Also interesting for commuters

Discounted year-long ticket will be accepted by all carriers involved in the integrated transport system in Bratislava Region, the IDS BK.

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The city representatives hope that the reduced price will be motivating for commuters who travel to Bratislava by car.

The holders of the prepaid ticket will be able to park at a reference parking spot for an advantageous price.

The city wants to continue in adopting measures to speed up public transport. One of the plans is to create more lanes solely for the public transport.

Region will take steps too

The Bratislava Self-Governing Region also prepares advantageous tickets for suburban transport, in order to prevent the excessive burden of the roads after the Covid measures are lifted.

“We want to motivate people to start using our red Slovak Lines buses,” said Governor Juraj Droba, as quoted by TASR.

They cannot do much about train connection, but they will try to ask the state-run passenger carrier ZSSK not to reduce the number of connections.

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