Health Ministry makes vaccination against Covid-19 accessible to some groups of foreigners

Third-country nationals without public health insurance left out of system.

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Several groups of foreigners living in Slovakia will be able to get their Covid vaccine jab. The amendment, authored by the Health Ministry, enables the vaccination of some people who do not pay health insurance or have health insurance debts.

The change came into force this week.

Some foreigners not entitled to Covid-19 vaccine. Type of insurance matters Read more 

The amendment stipulates that Slovak and foreign citizens are entitled to vaccination in Slovakia if they pay for public health insurance here. Moreover, the citizens of other EU country who do not have any residence in Slovakia are entitled to the vaccine if they have a registered S1 form.

“It means that the holder of an S1 form has to register the form at any branch of the health insurer in Slovakia,” the ministry wrote in a press release. “After registering the form, the insurer will request an issuing of a health insurance ID with the EU logo. After the ID is issued and delivered to the person, he/she can go to a vaccination appointment.”

However, people from non-EU countries who do not pay public health insurance in Slovakia are not entitled to vaccination. It is not possible to get a jab as a private payer either.

“The ministry can still extend the list of people whose vaccination will be reimbursed,” the ministry added, without providing more details.

Entitlement and payment method for vaccination
CategoryWho reimburses the vaccinationWhat people need to show
Slovak citizen insured in SlovakiaHealth insurerInsurance card
Slovak citizen insured in Slovakia with an insurance debtHealth insurerInsurance card
Slovak citizen who pays health insurance in another EU country, but has residence in Slovakia (S1 form)Health insurerInsurance card with the EU logo
Slovak citizen without health insurance in SlovakiaHealth MinistrySlovak ID or passport
A person with health insurance in another EU country who is entitled to full health treatment in Slovakia (S1 form)Health MinistryInsurance card with the EU logo
Foreigner with health insurance in SlovakiaHealth insurerInsurance card
Foreigner without health insurance in Slovakia with subsidiary protection and a victim of human trafficking listed in the Interior Ministry's programmeHealth MinistrySpecial insurance card issued by the VšZP insurer
Foreigner without health insurance in Slovakia who is a student of medicine and works in a hospital hereHealth MinistryContract with a hospital and confirmation about studying at university
Foreigner without health insurance in Slovakia--Vaccination is not possible

Source: Health Ministry

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