UPDATED: 22. APR 2021, AT 8:39

Travelling between districts possible again, people will need a test for shopping

The cabinet approved new curfew rules that will come into force on Monday.

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After Slovakia switches to the dark red tier of its Covid automat alert system on Monday, April 19, all non-essential shops and service providers can open.

At the same time, museums, galleries, churches, zoos and botanical gardens, swimming pools and sports venues can also reopen. People will be required to show a negative test result or proof that they have recovered from Covid or have been vaccinated against it, according to a resolution on the curfew adopted by the cabinet on April 16.

UPDATED: Measures will be lifted from April 19. What will open? Read more 

The resolution allows the crossing of district boundaries to access the countryside again, but those wishing to enter or leave black districts will need a negative test result (although there will be no black districts from April 19).

The curfew will remain in place for the time being, between 20:00 and 1:00, with some exceptions.

Here are the rules that come into force on Monday:

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