Mobile provider launches trial operation of 5G network in Bratislava

4ka would like to provide the highest standard for receiving mobile data in summer in localities with many people.

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The mobile provider 4ka and its sister company Swan have launched a trial operation of the 5G network, using 83 transmitters in Bratislava.

The data can be received by all customers with a 4ka SIM card and selected 5G phones, the SITA newswire reported.

Negotiations underway

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The company is currently communicating with several phone and mobile devices manufacturers in order to make its own network available in the widest range of 5G telephones possible, said Roland Kyška, marketing director of the company.

The suppliers adapt the firmware of individual devices to the settings and parameters of their own 5G network, he added.

Plans for the summer

Clients can log in to the 5G network from the 4ka operator via several types of phones. The company expects the list to be significantly extended in the coming days, adding more brands and types of phones that can use the 5G network.

"Simultaneously, further construction and broadening of the 5G network are underway in the capital to provide the highest standard for using mobile data in the summer, in localities with the greatest movement of people, such as the historical centre," added Kyška, as quoted by SITA.

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