An international school that focuses on preparing students for life in the ever-changing modern world.

At the English International School of Bratislava, we do more than just prepare students for exams; we prepare learners for future success and happiness by developing the following core competencies:

  • Learning how to Learn
  • Learning how to Think
  • Learning how to Reason
  • Learning how to Communicate

These four competencies are integrated into everything that we do. Therefore, we are not solely focused on what students know, but more focused on what they are able to accomplish with their knowledge. Our aim is to help students develop portfolios of experience, instead of just collecting grades.

With this approach, learners will find themselves better prepared for whatever the future has in store for them.

EISB provides a progressive and holistic education for young people from the ages of 3 to 18. It is accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic.

The school offers a project-based curriculum. This fosters curious minds and creative spirits, allowing children to develop and learn at their own pace. Children become confident and flexible which prepares them for our current, modern life.

Our school is authorised to offer International Baccalaureate®. programmes, making us an IB World School.

Students begin the IB Middle Years Programme from the age of 11. They are prepared for a smooth transfer to high school where they then start the IB Diploma programme. During this programme, students can choose subjects they are specifically interested in studying later on in university. Students leave our high school with the International Baccalaureate Diploma which is accepted worldwide.

Math Olympiad in EISB Academy Math Olympiad in EISB Academy

Languages in the English International School of Bratislava

English is the main language of instruction and inclusion.

Although English is the primary language of instruction, minimal English skills is not a barrier to entry, as EISB offers language support.

German, Spanish and French are offered as well. Other languages may be available upon request (i. e. Chinese, Russian, Persian, etc.).

Slovak lessons are offered 5 times per week for Slovak students.

The EISB team of professional teachers from around the world The EISB team of professional teachers from around the world

Extracurricular activities

Students who remain in school can choose from a wide selection of electives, including language labs, the school newspaper, and even computer coding.

Over 30 clubs are offered annually including: sports, music, robotics, science, languages, coding, arts, floral design, culture, history, maths, fitness, etc. Clubs can be designed for groups or individuals based on request. The EISB also offers clubs and seminars for adults. Classes are offered based on requests from the school community.

We at EISB believe that everyone has the potential to learn. We focus on the consistent development of the overall EISB experience, not only for students, but for the whole EISB family. We live as an international community together with students, family and staff.

An engaged student in our science lab An engaged student in our science lab

Admissions Conditions

At EISB, participation is key to successful learning. Therefore, conditions of entry focus on a student’s ability to participate in lessons at their year level. Assessments are made during the admissions process through trial days and interviews to gauge the student ‘s ability. This is followed by a discussion with the student and parents concerning the recommended educational programme.

Admission is available year-round for all students, with the exception of the Diploma Programme. Students can apply year - round and The Diploma Programme always starts on the 1st of September. Students will need to pass entrance exams in English and Mathematics.


English International School of Bratislava

Radničné námestie 4

821 05 Bratislava, Slovakia

+421 917 120 012, +421 908 961 865



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