Liptov will restore tradition of mountain sheep farming

The new project wants to introduce the region to visitors.

(Source: TASR)

The Liptov region launched a new project with the symbolic chasing of sheep out to the grasslands. The locals will gradually present mountain sheep farming, mountain springs and waterfalls, local crafts, and lesser-known natural localities and hike trails.

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All these activities will be held online, to introduce the region to potential visitors, the TASR newswire reported.

"Slovaks know Liptov quite well, but not as a destination for agritourism or nature tourism," said Katarína Šarafínová, manager of the Liptov regional tourism organisation, as quoted by TASR. "

The pandemic has forced locals to take a different look on the region, and uncover something that is not as well known, she added.

A different presentation

The website and social network should provide information to potential tourists. Visitors can find out interesting facts in documentary videos or podcasts as well.

The introductory topic is mountain sheep farming, providing answers to questions like why May bryndza sheep cheese tastes the best, whether a chief shepherd's belt really make him stronger, how many sheep and rams are in a sheepfold, whether women could be found in a traditional sheepfold, and more, TASR reported.

The project also reveals the history and culture of mountain sheep farming, presenting a traditional sheep and a sheephook that can endure difficult mountain terrains, but also the new generation of people engaged in this traditional occupation.

An event dedicated to mountain sheep farming is to be held in the open-air museum in Pribylina.

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