Registration form for Covid vaccine has new features

You can now also register for a vaccination if you are accompanying a person aged 70 or over.

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The vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna can now be administered to people aged 50 and over who register for a vaccination.

The main reason is the volume of the vaccine supplies and the increase in vaccination capacity, the Health Ministry explained.

Slovakia expects to receive more than 1.5 million Covid vaccines throughout May, including more than 1 million vaccines from Pfizer and 134,000 from Moderna.

This is not the only change in the registration system for Covid vaccination. It is now possible to register as a person who is accompanying a person aged 70 or over for a vaccination. Those in attendance would receive the same vaccine as the older person.

How to register as an attendant

Starting on May 8, every person who wants to accompany a person over 70 for a vaccination and receive the same vaccine will have to be registered (there is an exception for appointments made before May 6).

The registration works in such a way that when a person older than 70 is registered, the system asks about the birth number of any attendant. The attendant should then register within 24 hours.

If this person is already registered in the virtual waiting room, the system should pair them, and give them an appointment on the same date.

The vaccination centre will be chosen based on the registration of the older person.

Both will then receive a text message and email. If the attendant already has an appointment for a vaccination, the older person should register someone else.

The attendant needs to be at least 18 years old. At the same time, only one person should accompany one older person for a vaccination.

If the vaccination of the older applicant is cancelled, the attendant will automatically return to the waiting room, and will be given an appointment based on the other criteria (age, chronic diseases etc.).

The system for picking a vaccination centre will change Read more 

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