Slovakia will participate in the testing of Covid passes. They should be launched in mid-June

Slovakia has received several proposals for bilateral recognition of vaccinations.

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Slovakia is preparing for the launch of so-called Covid passes, informed State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Martin Klus.

“Efforts are still being made to implement the digital, green passes on June 15, as scheduled,” he said, as quoted by the TASR newswire. “Slovakia will also participate in testing these digital certificates. We will not risk anything and could join other EU countries in mid-June,” Klus noted.

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He also observed that on the Slovak side, the Health Ministry and the Ministry of Informatization are working on the Covid passes. Klus added that despite talks about coordination, some member countries of the EU are worried about whether they will succeed in issuing the Covid passes on time, before the summer holidays. He said they are considering this type of document on a regional scale.

“We believe that they can work,” he said, explaining that the European Commission has set a technical solution and now it is up to member countries to make it a success. “Failure would be bad news for citizens,” he added.

Regional agreements possible

Foreign Affairs Minister Ivan Korčok believes that Covid passes will be ready to use at the latest by the end of June.

He added that Slovakia is exploring bilateral agreements with other European countries regarding common recognition of national vaccination passes. This includes Hungary, the Czech Republic and Austria, with Slovenia also expressing interest in such an agreement.

“I will inform the health minister about how other countries are opening up and that we in Slovakia should also consider whether we have the prerequisites to enable our (vaccinated) citizens to travel safely to those countries that are interested in the earlier travel opportunities that will be enabled by the European COVID certificate,” Korčok stated, as quoted by TASR.

Confirmation of vaccination in Slovak

The commercial television station, Markíza, reported on May 11 that confirmation of vaccination given at Slovak vaccination centres is only available in the Slovak language and thus, problems may arise on the borders of other member states which usually require information in English at least on vaccination documents. The Czech Republic also reported earlier this week that they will not accept hard documents as proof of vaccination from other countries, as they are worried about forgeries.

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Klus pointed out that Slovakia has turned orange on the map of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. The Czech Republic and Belgium have automatically reacted to this and have cancelled the obligation to quarantine or test for people coming from Slovakia to their area.

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