Families set to receive hundreds of euros. Who is entitled?

The coalition agreed on sending €333 per child to families in material need, but some details need to be fine-tuned.

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Families in material need are set to receive a one-off contribution of €333 per child.

The aid is meant to go to families who need it the most, as PM Eduard Heger (OĽaNO) said.

Who should receive the aid?

This means that the income of a family does not exceed the subsistence level that is currently at €214.83 for an adult person (until the end of June, then it will change). The aid then increases by nearly €150 if there is another adult person, and by another €98 per each child, the Index magazine reported.

As a result, the subsistence level of a four-member family (two adults and two children) is about €560. This means that a family whose total monthly income is lower than €560 is in material need, and thus entitled for various benefits.

The benefit depends on other factors, like the number of household members, Index reported.

More children to receive aid later

The Labour Ministry is now working on setting the contribution.

“Our aim is to create a process and define the target group of families with children who need help,” said its spokesperson Michaela Slivková Kirňaková, as quoted by Index.

There are no details on when and how the money will be distributed, Index reported, adding that families should probably receive the benefit in early summer.

The ministry expects that about 45,700 children will receive the contribution, and it will cost more than €15 million in the first phase. It also plans to extend the group later, probably in autumn, to more than 270,000 children, who have also been affected by the pandemic, according to the magazine.

There are not many details about the amount yet.

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