Railways to renew nearly all international connections in June

Improving epidemiological conditions are cited as the chief reason for the change.

(Source: ZSSK)

The railway traffic in Slovakia should return to its regular operation as the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic ceases.

The national railway carrier Železničná Spoločnosť Slovensko (ZSSK) will be proceeding according to agreements with partner transport companies abroad in the coming weeks to facilitate the further renewal of international connections to neighbouring countries.

The aim is to renew almost all international ZSSK connections by June 13, 2021, when the second change in the 2020/2021 travel regime is set to take place, ZSSK spokesperson Tomáš Kováč informed, citing the continually improving epidemiological situation as the reason.

From June 1, 2021, nearly the entire EuroCity (EC) Budapest-Bratislava-Warsaw-Terespol-Brest connection will be renewed. The Terespol-Brest connection will not be renewed. EC connections between Prague, Bratislava and Budapest will also be renewed.

EC connections going on the track Brest-Terespol-Warsaw-Bratislava-Budapest will resume most of its normal operation on June 2, 2021. The connection Brest-Terespol will not be in operation.

From June 13, the express train going through Žilina - Ostrava - Prague will be in full operation. The train will be operated according to its original restrictions and in reality, will fully function on June 14. In the opposite direction, the train will be operated with its original restrictions.

Another full track connection will be an express train departing from Banská Bystrica through Žilina to Ostrava. A return track will be in operation from June 14.

The EuroNight (EN) train will also resume operations on its entire Prague-Humenné connection. A reverse connection will be in full operation from June 14.

The night train from Prague via Košice to Humenné will, according to Czech Railways (the Czech state-operated railway carrier) resume from mid-June. In the following month, other missing long-distance connections going through Čadca or from Prague through Bratislava to Budapest that used to be in limited operation will resume.

ZSSK is also resuming its first few IC trains, such as the one going from Košice to Vienna and back. Trains IC 44/45 will be resumed from June 13 on the full Košice - Bratislava - Vienna track. The operation of these trains was halted by a state-run railway company on November 3 2020 due to the worsening situation brought on by the pandemic.

After the renewal of most international connections, a few connections will remain suspended, such as the Košice-Mukačevo, Košice- Čierna nad Tisou - Čop, Poprad-Tatry-Muszyna and the SuperCity (SC) train Pendolino Košičan connecting Košice to Prague.

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