Who are the largest employment firms in Slovakia?

In 2022, the labour market was mainly affected by the war in Ukraine, high inflation and the trends in artificial intelligence.

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The 10 largest recruitment agencies in Slovakia found work for 5,110 people last year, compared to 4,980 people in 2021. However, a decline was recorded by temporary employment agencies. Of the 10 largest companies operating in this segment in Slovakia, only three companies experienced significant growth. In 2021, leased employees of the largest firms worked 12.1 million hours (about 6,080 full-time equivalents); a year later it was 11.1 million hours (5,540 full-time equivalents).

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Recruitment agencies

On the basis of the processed data provided by the largest recruitment agencies, it can be concluded that the increase in filled positions was driven by white-collar positions. The ManpowerGroup agency came first again.

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Its biggest clients come from the automotive industry, logistics and finance. Over the past year, the agency has seen a significant increase in the number of job applicants from Ukraine.

“For some of our largest clients, more than 15 percent of blue-collar positions were filled by people from Ukraine, especially women,” said Zuzana Rumiz, the agency‘s general manager.

When searching for employees, companies are increasingly using artificial intelligence. At Adecco Slovakia, at number two among recruitment agencies, AI technology scans resumés and then matches candidates to suitable offers according to the keywords it identifies.

“In the future, AI technology could completely replace positions associated with the preselection of applicants, as well as better target offers for interested parties,” said Adecco Slovakia CEO, Ivana Heretik Vačoková.

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High inflation was another important factor affecting the labour market. It forced firms to respond, even though the pace of wage growth was slower than price growth.

Temporary employment agencies

With an unstable situation in production, temporary employment agencies expect an increased demand for their services, as leased employees help to respond flexibly to new orders.

“Without demand and production growth, this moment will not happen, and we are still waiting for the situation to change, production to start and demand for employees for temporary assignment to increase by leaps and bounds,” said Darina Mokráňová, executive director of Index Nosluš. It is the largest temporary employment agency in Slovakia.

Her company has the opportunity to compare the effects of the war in Ukraine on the market segment in which it operates. In Slovakia, she said, the influence is much smaller than, for example, in the neighbouring Czech Republic, where many more Ukrainian citizens came to the country during the war.

“Even in Slovakia, we feel that employers are more willing to employ employees with basic or no knowledge of Slovak,” said Mokráňová. But the arrival of Ukrainian refugees only slightly affected the hiring segment. The situation also led to the relaxation of the previously complicated and long visa process for citizens of Ukraine.

For the first time, companies that owe more than €100,000 to the state in overdue payments were not included in the rankings. In some European countries, the user’s employer is responsible for paying wages and taxes, which leads to better control of agencies by employers. Such legislation is missing in Slovakia. At the same time, agencies do not have to provide sureties during their registration, which could be used to settle debts in the case of non-payment of levies.

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