New bridge hopes to become Nitra's next landmark

Investment in Kalvársky Cycling Bridge reaches €1.4 million.

A new cycling bridge in the city of Nitra. A new cycling bridge in the city of Nitra. (Source: SITA)

It's a new town's landmark, Nitra Mayor Marek Hattas said a few weeks ago about the Kalvársky Bridge, which crosses the Nitra River, as reported by the SITA newswire.

The bridge, which cyclists have been using for more than a month, is 49 metres long and 4 metres wide, offering two cycling lanes, the town wrote on Facebook. It is linked to 800 metres of a new cycling route from the University Bridge to Selenec Stream.

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The name of the bridge was chosen by Nitra residents in an internet poll back in April, and it refers to the local Calvary Hill.

No to hope and Wilson

One of the proposals was naming the landmark the Bridge of Hope, referring to the pandemic. Others voted for Wilson's Bridge as the bridge connects two waterfronts, one bearing the name of former US president Woodrow Wilson (the Wilson Waterfront).

However, people found the reference to the hill the most appealing. The proposal received more than 2,000 votes in the end.

The construction of the bridge was almost €1.4 million.

More cycling trails to come

Nitra will pay more attention to developing infrastructure not only for pedestrians, but also for cyclists, said Hattas.

"We are constructing cycling trails not only for recreational purposes, but also for people travelling to work," he added for SITA.

Several projects are under way, he continued, noting that they are part of a strategic plan that determines what kind of cycling trails will follow.

"If we want as many people as possible to ride a bicycle, we need a safe infrastructure," Hattas said, as quoted by SITA.

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