Mass events, border crossing and vaccinated people. Several anti-pandemic rules change of Monday

When arriving to Slovakia from green-tier countries, it will be possible to show a negative test for Covid-19 from abroad.

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The Public Health Authority has made several adjustments to the anti-Covid-19 measures currently valid in Slovakia.

These will apply from June 14, 2021. In the case of mass events where a negative test not older than 12 hours is required before entering, it will be possible to show a LAMP test as well permitted RT-PCR tests. It is possible to substitute a negative test result with a confirmation of vaccination, if at least 21 days have passed since the first dose.

The capacity limitation of one person per 15 square metres will not apply to operations in the green-tier and yellow-tier districts. In restaurants, cafés and pubs, the condition of a two-metre distance between tables only apply indoors.

A new ordinance from the Public Health Authority has also changed travelling to Slovakia for people from green-tier countries.

Travelling from green-tier countries easier

When arriving to Slovakia from green-tier countries, it will be possible to show a negative test for Covid-19 from abroad. In the case of a PCR test, this cannot be older than 72 hours. In the case of an antigen test, it cannot be older than 24 hours. The test has to be conducted either in Slovakia or in the area of a neighbouring state.

When crossing the border, 14-day quarantine still applies. The exception applies when arriving from a green-tier country for people younger than 18 or people who overcame the disease not longer than 180 days ago. It also does not apply to vaccinated people.

Proof of vaccination is also valid for people who received only the first jab, but at least 21 days have to pass since the first vaccination and no more than 90 days.

In the case of people who received both vaccine doses, they have to be at least 21 days after the first one, but no more than a year. The same conditions apply to people vaccinated with a single-dose vaccine as well as for people who overcame Covid-19 and were vaccinated up to 180 days since recovery.

For more detailed information, follow our articles How to travel to and from Slovakia during COVID-19 and How to enjoy a holiday in Slovakia which will be soon updated.

People coming from red-tier countries will have to undergo a 14-day quarantine. Quarantine may finish sooner after obtaining a negative PCR test, which can be conducted no earlier than on the eighth day of quarantine.

After arriving from a black-tier country, a person also has to undergo an entire 14-day quarantine if their PCR test is negative. Quarantine does not apply to vaccinated people who have permanent and temporary residence in Slovakia and work in a black-tier country and vice versa.

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