Small border crossings will reopen on Friday

Controls will continue.

(Source: TASR)

All border crossings will reopen on the morning of July 9, the police confirmed.

Together with the army and members of the Financial Administration and Prison and Court Guard Service, the police will continue to check people who are crossing Slovakia's borders.

The police also pointed out that from July 9 at 6:00, the new ordinance of the Public Health Authority, which changes rules for crossing borders, is valid. The ordinance states that vaccinated people do not have to go into quarantine while unvaccinated people have to enter quarantine until they receive a negative PCR test result. The test can be taken no sooner than after the fifth day of arrival.

“All obstacles for crossing inner borders will be removed,” said Denisa Bárdyová, spokesperson for the police, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

She added that at bigger border crossings of the first and second categories, permanent controls will be in place. At the smaller border crossings of the third category, there will be regular monitoring to ensure people are observing quarantine rules.

Police call on citizens to prepare the necessary documents before they arrive at the border, including registration on eHranica and paper or digital confirmation of vaccination if applicable.

Closure sparked protests

People protest the closing of smaller border crossings Read more 

Smaller border crossings closed on July 5, sparking protests. Village mayors claimed that they were not informed about the prepared closure of the border crossings.

The closure surprised many people who travel to the Czech Republic to work and vice versa. People were removing barriers blocking the borders to cross them.

The government agreed to reopen the smaller crossings at the July 7 government session.

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