Combination of different vaccines allowed only in specific cases

The exception applies to people who have been vaccinated with the first dose abroad and such vaccine is not available or registered in Slovakia.

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One dose of AstraZeneca followed by a dose of Pfizer. Even though this and similar combinations of vaccines are quite common in some countries, there are specific conditions in Slovakia under which it is possible to combine Covid-19 vaccines.

The Health Ministry specified that the combination of vaccines is permitted if:

  • a person experiences serious side effects after the first dose of a vaccine and there are contraindications that the second dose of that vaccine is unsafe for them.
  • the second dose of the same vaccine is not available.
  • a person is vaccinated with the first dose abroad and such a vaccine is not registered or available in Slovakia.

The ministry has provided instructions on how vaccines can be combined. It is possible to have a vector vaccine dose followed by an mRNA vaccine dose if at least 28 days and no more than 12 weeks pass between the doses.

“The second dose of a different vaccine can be given only for health reasons, or in case the vaccine is not available on the market, or if a person has been vaccinated with the first dose abroad and this vaccine is not available in Slovakia,” the ministry summed up.

If the vaccination centre vaccinates outside the set rules, the centre takes full responsibility, the ministry adds. Contraindications can also be assessed directly by the doctor in the vaccination centre.

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