Conditions for mass events and age limit for testing change

Most of the new rules came into force on July 26, 2021.

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A longer validity of negative test results, a unified definition of a fully vaccinated person, and a new age limit for testing came into force on Monday, July 26, 2021.

Meanwhile, the country’s districts remain in the green tier, so restrictions are mild. However, people still have to adhere to certain rules.

Longer validity of tests for mass events

The Public Health Authority (ÚVZ) prolonged the validity of negative test results that need to be shown when attending a mass event where the number of participants is higher than the official limit (i.e. 500 indoors and 1,000 outdoors in green-tier districts). As a result, participants will be allowed to show a negative test result no older than 24 hours before the event starts (up from 12 hours).

The ÚVZ said participants can show a negative PCR or LAMP gargling test result. Antigen tests will no longer be accepted.

Those with a certificate of vaccination or confirmation of recovery from Covid-19 do not have to get tested.

Sports competitions with more participants

The new rules for top sports competitions came into force on Friday, July 23, 2021, at 20:00.

The ÚVZ set the cap for the number of participants to 50 percent of the stadium’s capacity. If the district is not in the green tier, there will be limits of no more than 2,000 participants outdoors and no more than 1,000 indoors. The rooms for spectators should be divided into sectors with a capacity of no more than 1,000 people.

People attending sports events must show a negative PCR or LAMP test result no older than 24 hours before the event starts. This can be replaced with a certificate of vaccination or a confirmation of recovery from Covid.

Higher age limit for testing

Starting on July 26, 2021, children younger than 12 years do not have to show a negative test result when entering, for example, water parks, selected sports events, parties held inside, or at camp etc.

Until now, the age limit was 10 years.

New definition for a fully vaccinated person

The ÚVZ also decided to unify the definition of a fully vaccinated person with the ordinance on the border regime.

A person is considered fully vaccinated if:

-in the case of a two-dose vaccine: at least 14 days but no more than 12 months have passed since they have received the second Covid vaccine dose;

-in the case of a single-dose vaccine: at least 21 days but no more than 12 months have passed since they have received the vaccine;

-in the case of recovery from Covid: at least 14 days but no more than 12 months have passed since they have received the first Covid vaccine shot, and the shot was administered within 180 days since they recovered from the disease.

Some restrictions remain in place

Although all districts of Slovakia are currently in the green, monitoring tier, their inhabitants need to stick to certain rules.

This includes the requirement to cover one’s face indoors (apart from their household), on public transport and in taxis, as well as during a mass event (including those held outside).

As for events like weddings, funeral receptions, and parties held in restaurants or similar facilities, it is necessary to show a negative PCR or LAMP test result no older than 72 hours or a negative antigen test result no older than 24 hours. A negative test is required also when going to a swimming pool or a wellness centre.

An alternative to the test is a confirmation of being vaccinated or recovering from Covid.

You can learn more about the rules applied to individual districts on the website, but the information is in Slovak only.

The rules for crossing borders remain the same as well.

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