Less red tape: People won’t have to submit 21 documents to authorities

The change will come into force at the beginning of next year.

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The number of documents entrepreneurs and other people have to submit to public authorities will be reduced.

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As of next year, they will not be required to file 21 different documents. The necessary information will already be entered into respective informational databases following an amendment to the law against bureaucracy the parliament adopted on July 23.

“At the same time, by reducing the administrative burden and simplifying the processes, there will be less room for corruption,” the Investments and Informatisation Ministry explained, as quoted by the SITA newswire.

People and businesses are expected to save on submitting more than 4.2 million confirmations and abstracts a year. They should also save around €42 million in time, travelling and printing costs, according to the ministry.

Which documents the change concerns

The amendment will come into force gradually, from the beginning of 2022. Some duties will be scrapped no sooner than in April or December 2022, though.

People and businesses will no longer be required to submit these documents:

  • a copy of their birth certificate
  • a copy of their marriage certificate
  • a copy of a death certificate
  • confirmation they have not violated the ban on illegal employment
  • a certificate of residence
  • confirmation they have received an organisation identification number (or IČO in Slovak)
  • an abstract from the central register of farm animals
  • confirmation that a business is not in a restructuring process or a bankruptcy proceeding
  • an abstract from the register or social services providers
  • an abstract from the register of social enterprises
  • confirmation from a register of jobseekers
  • a selected group of valid court decisions
  • an abstract from the register or the list of barristers
  • an abstract from the central register of distraint proceedings
  • a certificate of assistance in material need
  • confirmation proving severe disability
  • reports related to childbirth and death
  • applications and confirmations related to the childbirth allowance
  • confirmation of receiving a special contribution for miners
  • data necessary for entry in the register of subjects receiving the 2-percent tax assignation
  • confirmation of receiving an old-age pension.

The amendment also eliminates the need for all confirmations and abstracts that are attached to a bid in the public procurement proceeding or documents that are required when asking for finances from the state budget, EU funds or finances from various subsidy schemes and grants, SITA reported.

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