News digest: Bratislava marks glorious coronation history

Eastern Slovakia sees stork baby boom.

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This weekend Bratislava will mark its history as the coronation city of the Hungarian Kingdom. Ten Hungarian kings, one Hungarian queen, and seven royal consorts were crowned in the city between 1563 and 1830.

The Bratislava Coronation Days run from August 13-15, and include a coronation parade, a jousting tournament, a concert in St Martin’s Cathedral, and free tours held in Slovak, German, English, and Hungarian.

Picture of the day

Four bridges for pedestrians and cyclists are to connect the banks of the Chorvátske Rameno branch of the Danube in Bratislava’s Petržalka district.

Feature story for today

Northeastern Slovakia, from Bardejov through Stropkov up to Humenné, has seen a stork baby boom in 2021. The Snina district saw more young storks this year than it has in the last 18 years. The main reason was stork-friendly, springtime weather.

“The eastern regions of Slovakia, around Bardejov, Stropkov, Medzilaborce, Humenne and Svidnik, saw a greater number of young storks as food is abundant there,” stork expert Miroslav Fulín explained. There are more pastures and meadows there than other regions of Slovakia, particularly the south. Pastures and meadows are home to some of storks’ favourite foods, including grasshoppers, voles, snakes, and lizards.

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Coronavirus and vaccination news:

  • On Thursday evening cabinetapproved a four-trier traffic light system for cultural events based on the new general Covid automat. It will come into effect as of Monday, August 16.
  • Fifty-nine people were newly diagnosed with Covid-19 out of a total 6,098 PCR tests performed on August 12. The number of people in hospital with Covid-19 has dropped to 51. The vaccination rate is 41.92 percent, with 2,309,623 people having received at least a first dose of a vaccine. More stats on Covid-19 in Slovakiahere.
  • The state-owned company Slovensko IT has developedan app for shops to verify people’s Covid passes as part of the Green Pass project. It is currently being tested and its launch is subject to Health Ministry approval. It is not known when the app will be available for shops to use.
  • Schools willget emergency stocks of Covid-19 tests and personal protective equipment, the cabinet decided on Thursday evening.

In other news:

  • The registration for public events duringthe Pope’s visit to Slovakia from Sept 12-15 was launched on Friday, August 13. People can register at for events at four venues: Luník XI and stadiums in Košice, Prešov, and Šaštín-Stráže.
  • Year-on-yearinflation rose to 3.3 percent in July, the highest level since December 2012, the Statistics Office announced. The rise in prices is not over yet, according to analysts who expect a further acceleration in inflation in the near future.
  • While the sale ofburčiak - slightly fermented wine juice - is allowed in Slovakia as of August 15, winegrowers and winemakers are warning people to be on the lookout for sales of false burčiak as they say grapes in Slovak vineyards are not ripe enough yet for the drink.

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