Vantage Point: Vyšné Ružbachy and Veterný vrch

Visit one of the oldest spas in Slovakia or enjoy amazing panoramic views.

Veterný vrchVeterný vrch (Source: VaGa)

In 1931 Mr. Kesellbauer, an architect from Levoča, designed the White House of Vyšné Ružbachy.

And it was a big thing.

An amazing white building was constructed in the Biedermeier style on a travertine rock.

This greenfield project was completed within a year.

It was based on the buildings of Monte Carlo, so much so that the locals referred to it as Casino.

From a distance, the White House draws the gaze with its monumental, simple, and elegant columns.

As you draw closer, its beauty begins to fade.

Maybe you'll notice the peeling paint, or chipped asphalt on the footpath before it.

Or you can change your vantage point and see it with different eyes.

And you will see its lost fame.

You will see Earl Zamoyski and his guests, the noble families from all of Europe, sitting in the garden in the shade of the trees, drinking afternoon tea.

Known since the Middle Ages

Vyšné Ružbachy spa is situated in eastern Slovakia at the foot of the Spišská Magura mountains at a height of 623 m. It has become well-known mainly thanks to its mineral waters. The origin of its name is connected with the German word “Rauschenbach,” which means “a droning stream.”

It is one of the oldest spas in Slovakia. The therapeutic effects of the earthy carbonate mineral water springs were also well known in the Middle Ages when the first spa was founded here. The oldest written reference to the existence of these springs is from the captain of Spiš Castle from 1549.

The mineral water contains calcium, magnesium, and lithium, which is the base for a good mood.

So let's have a healthy drink and start to explore the secrets of the Zamagurie region and Spišská Magura mountains!

Discovered the views

The Zamagurie region is the smallest touristic region in Slovakia. In the past, it belonged, together with the High Tatras, to the Spiš region.

Spišská Magura is the wide flysch mountain range that rubs shoulders with Pieniny. Its 30 km-long ridge is 1,000m high. And its highest mountain, Repisko is 1,259 m. In the past, it was a timber and pastoral area, forgotten behind other mountains.

Today, the red marked hiking path from Vyšné Ružbachy leads to its second-highest mountain, the 1,112m-high Veterný vrch.

The hike starts in front of one of the most beautiful Slovak open-air mineral pools, the Izabela, with a small round island covered in greenery at its heart. Passing one of the numerous travertine quarries, Smrtná jama, you can hike to the steep Kukura flank. The path continues through the Grúň back until you reach the summit.

The top of this hill is a felled area. The locals placed a wooden bench here. This would not be unusual were it not made to resemble a bear holding a Slovak flag on a pole in its paws.

As the wind is constantly blowing at the top, the flag flutters beautifully in the wind, day and night.

And the panoramic views are amazing!

You will admire the High Tatras, Pieniny, Spišská Magura mountains, Levočské vrchy hills, Ľubovnianska vrchovina, and several Polish mountains.

Searching for eternal love

From the top, the marked hiking path will lead you back to Vyšné Ružbachy spa to the Spring of Love and the Spring of Oblivion. According to legend, first, you should drink from the Spring of Oblivion to forget your old love, and then from the Spring of Love to find a new one.

And if you want to find eternal love, you have to visit the Vyšné Ružbachy spa, because its 14 springs guaranty it.

Is it true?

You can think about it while soaking in the natural travertine lake, a Crater with mineral water. It is the largest of its kind in Slovakia and in Central Europe. In fact, it is one of three in the world; the other two are in New Zealand and Iceland. It has a rounded shape with a diameter of 20 meters and is 3 meters deep. The total area of the Crater is 300 m2. This unique place has been a protected natural area since 1967. The water flows here from the Belianske Tatras, where it gets mineralised while passing through limestones and dolomites.

Each building is unique and beautiful.

Any weather is good.

You can see fog. Or clouds.

But you can also sense the breathtaking views behind it.

Forests have a special atmosphere after the rain when steam hovers in the air above the trees. And also on a hot summer day, when it radiates energy.

An artist always takes a step back from his painting to change his perspective.

The view from the top of the mountains gives us an extra perspective on our lives.

And sometimes we should look at our partners with other's eyes.

Or drink from the Spring of Love in Vyšné Ružbachy.

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