Pharmacists ready for vaccination but there is no legislation

The health minister said chemists could soon help with vaccination against Covid-19.

(Source: Sme)

Pharmacists are ready to help with vaccination against Covid.

An option to receive a jab at the pharmacy has already been mentioned by Health Minister Vladimír Lengvarský (OĽaNO nominee) as well, but there is no legislation enabling such an option.

“[In Slovakia], pharmacies are still considered part of a logistic segment supposed to ensure the accessibility of medicines for patients,” said Ondrej Sukeľ, chair of the Slovak Pharmaceutical Chamber, as quoted by the SITA newswire.

The situation in other EU countries is different, he continued, explaining that chemists are part of various educational programmes, long-term care for old people, and programmes to educate diabetics and asthmatics, as well as explaining the correct use of health aids. They also carry out several procedures, including vaccination, Sukeľ said.

Discussion about flu vaccination

While Lengvarský said the pharmacists could soon help with vaccination against Covid, Sukeľ added that they mostly talk about vaccination against the flu.

Currently, it is possible to get vaccinated in pharmacies in 17 European countries, including Austria. Though Slovak pharmacies are ready to start vaccination, there is no legislation, according to Sukeľ.

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“First of all, it is about setting up competencies,” he said, as quoted by SITA. “We have already addressed the ministry proposing legislative changes that should make this possible.”

Taking into consideration the legislative process, vaccination in pharmacies could start the next flu season, i.e. next year. The problem is that vaccination against Covid is important now.

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