Problems with Bratislava bypass opening continue

Not all of its stretches will be put into operation on Sunday as officially planned.

Not all stretches of the long-awaited D4/R7 bypass of Bratislava will open as originally planned. Not all stretches of the long-awaited D4/R7 bypass of Bratislava will open as originally planned. (Source: TASR)

On Sunday, September 26, the last stretches of Bratislava's long-awaited D4/R7 bypass should have been opened. However, only a short stretch with the Lužný Bridge will be put into operation. The remaining two stretches will be opened later as they are lacking the necessary permits, Denník E reported on Friday.

The stretches involved include the last stretch of the R7 dual carriageway near Bratislava. This would mean that vehicles arriving from Dunajská Streda and Šamorín could drive at speeds of 130 km/h as far as Prístavný Bridge in Bratislava.

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This is the most important stretch of the R7 as drivers can take this dual carriageway only up to the border of Bratislava. From there, drivers must continue along the old road via Podunajské Biskupice.

Another stretch that will not open on Sunday is part of the D4 highway, which includes Lužný Bridge. Once the stretch is opened, drivers arriving from Senec, Dunajská Streda and some parts of Bratislava can get to Petržalka, Austria and Hungary much faster.

D4R7 Construction, the consortium building the bypass, reported on the postponement.

“D4R7 Construction and the relevant authorities agreed yesterday that the last stretches of the D4R7 project will be opened gradually because the organisation of transport in the capital is a demanding process,” Tomáš Stupavský, the consortium’s representative, wrote in a press release.

On Sunday, only the four-kilometre stretch with the Lužný Bridge between Podunajské Biskupice and Petržalka crossroad will open. The short stretch between the Petržalka and Jarovce crossroads will remain closed.

The consortium promises to open the remaining stretches during the first weekend of October.

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