Counterfeit coins were the least surprising find unearthed at the Zvolen castle ruins

Archaeologists gathered at Pustý Hrad the past summer for the 13th time.

The Pustý Hrad castle ruins are located above the town of Zvolen, central Slovakia.The Pustý Hrad castle ruins are located above the town of Zvolen, central Slovakia. (Source: TASR)

This past summer archaeologists have returned to the Pustý Hrad castle ruins, above the town of Zvolen, for the thirtieth time in hopes of unearthing another set of finds.

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The amounts of pottery and animal bones from the High Middle Ages, pottery from the Bronze Age, as well as the discovery of a wall, which belongs to a hitherto unknown building, are some of the latest discoveries.

Counterfeit mediaeval coins

“This year, we focused on the restoration of a tower in the eastern part of the fortifications of the upper part of Pustý Hrad,” Ján Beljak, head of research at the castle, told the TASR newswire.

At the same time, archaeologists carried out two archaeological searches during which they again found counterfeits of mediaeval coins. At the beginning of the 14th century, counterfeiting coins was common here.

“They put a thin silver plate on the copper core,” Beljak explained for TASR.

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Restored educational trail

As for the wall, it was unearthed while searching the lower terrace of Donč Hrad castle, part of the upper part of Pustý Hrad, and archaeologists are continuing to study it further.

By the end of September, they are expected to complete a renovation of the tower in the eastern part of the upper castle. It will be reopen to the public, Beljak claimed, while renovation of another tower should be completed at about the same time as well.

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“The restoration of an educational trail was completed in August, with 21 new information boards with up-to-date information on the archaeology, history, building development, flora and fauna of the castle hill being installed,” Beljak concluded, as quoted by TASR.

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