More employees with benefits; one fifth still don’t have any

One benefit that has seen large scale implementation since 2019 is the ability to work from home.

(Source: AP/TASR)

More and more people in Slovakia are enjoying employee benefits.

The number of employees that receive no workplace benefits is on a steady downward trend. In 2021, they represented 19 percent of all employees, according to an analysis conducted by the website running under the Profesia job-search company.

Team-building is retreating

Last year, 20 percent of all employees received no benefits from their employer, while in 2019, the share was 22 percent. Thus, not even the pandemic halted the trend of increasing non-financial benefits for employees.

In comparison to 2019, the amount of employees working for employers that organise events has decreased.

Until recently, team-building events were the most commonplace benefit in Slovakia, but that is no longer the case. While 36 percent of all employees had access to this benefit in 2019, now it is 30 percent.

In comparison to the period before the pandemic, employers also offered more reimbursements for sports and cultural activities, education and company vehicles.

More work from home, different work schedules

The benefit that has grown in popularity the most since 2019 is the ability to work from home. The option of so-called ‘home office’ is available to more than 30 percent of all people employed in Slovakia. In 2019, only a fifth of all employees had access to home office.

In the two years since then, free coffee and tea, laptops, annual ‘anniversary’ benefits after a year of working at a company and flexible work hours have all been implemented on some scale.

Currently, the most widespread employee benefit in Slovakia is work-time flexibility, Profesia reported. Work-hours are no longer strictly set as being between 8:00 and 16:30 but rather according to personal preferences; 35 percent of workers in Slovakia may take advantage of this benefit.

Next in popularity were the benefits of free workplace refreshments, home office, company events, phones, laptops, employee discounts and bonuses for company anniversaries, marriages and childbirth .

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