“We all have a common enemy.” Ministry launches new vaccination campaign

Apart from the new campaign, the Health Ministry continues in its informational activities to boost the vaccination rate.

Let’s defeat it before it defeats us.Let’s defeat it before it defeats us. (Source: Health Ministry)

"A big virus that can be defeated only by the vaccine" describes a poster of a new campaign to boost the vaccination against Covid in Slovakia.

The Health Ministry is using new TV, online and radio ads and graphics, which feature mottos like “We all have a common enemy” or “Let’s defeat it before it defeats us.”

The ads and graphics were designed in cooperation with the MUW Saatchi & Saatchi agency, which won the public procurement.

Depicting the enemy

The new creative concept is said to reflect the current moods in society that are quite polarised, according to the Health Ministry.

The aim is to show that society is only one enemy – the coronavirus – and that the only effective way to defeat it is vaccination.

“It seems as if the entire society got infected by Covid during the past year,” said Kamil Charvát of MUW Saatchi & Saatchi, adding the trust in institutions is dropping and the solidarity from the first wave is disappearing. “It no longer makes sense to build a communication campaign on the rational benefits of vaccination – everything has been said in the media and on social networks.”

This is why they decided to give a concrete form to Covid and remind people of the need to join forces and defeat it.

“For now, the vaccine is the only reasonable solution,” Charvát said, adding they also created channels to communicate the benefits of vaccination.

Informational activities still on

The Health Ministry meanwhile continues in its own activities to boost the vaccination rate, using targeted informal campaigns in municipalities across Slovakia.

Moreover, people aged 45 years and over will receive informational text messages about vaccination in the areas they live in. Nursing homes now have informational leaflets about vaccination thanks to the Health Ministry's cooperation with the Labour Ministry.

The Health Ministry is also actively using social media.

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