Finance Minister Igor Matovič ready to introduce long-awaited tax and levy reform

On Sunday, November 14, he will present the part dedicated to families.

Igor Matovič Igor Matovič (Source: SME)

Finance Minister and leader of the ruling OĽaNO party Igor Matovič will soon start introducing the long-promised reform of taxes and levies. As it is so long, he will introduce it over the course of three days.

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“We will start on Sunday,” Matovič said during a radio discussion on Friday, November 12, adding that he will continue on Monday and Tuesday.

The first part of the reform will be about family, the second labour taxation and the third the taxation of businesses.

“It is simply in the spirit of my promise from May,” said Matovič, adding that the reform will include a monthly child allowance of €200 per child, one tax and one levy, and what he refers to as fair taxes.

In early May, Matovič presented the basic theses of the planned tax-levy reform. He announced that he wanted to introduce financial support for families in the amount of €200 per child per month until they reach adulthood. He claims that Slovakia needs an honest and pro-family reform that will simplify the tax system and taxes that are fair and just.

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Matovič’s intention is also to simplify the tax system so that in the case of an employment relationship, the labour is burdened with only one tax and one levy. The aim of the reform is to introduce fair taxes too, which means in practice that all people will pay the same taxes and levies for the same form of work for the same employer.

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