Travelling to the EU limited at the outer border of Slovakia

The measures apply especially to Ukrainians.

Illustrative stock photoIllustrative stock photo (Source: Archive of Sme)

Since November 10, travel to the European Union (EU) from the outer borders of Slovakia has been temporarily restricted.

The restricted area includes the outer border with Ukraine while flights from countries outside the Schengen area are also banned, said the spokesperson of the Police Corps Presidium Denisa Bárdyová.

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As of November 10, trips to the EU that are not necessary for Ukrainian nationals are thus limited.

“Entrance via the outer border will still be allowed for those with valid residence permits in Slovakia as well as relatives of Slovak citizens or people with residence in Slovakia,” Bárdyová said, as quoted by the SITA newswire. Spouses and children fall under this umbrella.

Exceptions apply to the vaccinated

People vaccinated with vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency or the World Health Organisation are exempt too.

The measures also do not apply to people who meet all the conditions for an exception to mandatory isolation after entering the territory of Slovakia. This means members of a freight crew can cross the border, for example.

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“If an unvaccinated national of Ukraine does not fall under an exception and wants to enter the territory of Slovakia for tourist purposes, they will be denied entrance at the outer border,” Bárdyová added, as quoted by SITA.

Nationals of Ukraine who can cross the outer border, as well as all other people entering the territory of Slovakia from abroad, are subject to the obligations imposed by anti-pandemic measures issued by the Public Health Authority.

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